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New Patient Login

Welcome to our newly designed patient login.

Cervical Smear recall

As there has been much recent controversy regarding the Cervical Check Cervical screening program in recent weeks, we at the Millbrae Surgery,Carndonagh have set up clinics to deal with any issues arising .If you wish to make an appointment at our surgery to discuss any concerns you may have ( and to have a repeat scheduled if needed) then such appointments can be made online  by selecting cervical smear review or by contacting our surgery. Please note that there is no charge for this service and if we cannot offer you an appointment at a time that suits we will take your name and number and call you back to make necessary arrangements.

New Features:
5%-10% discount Prepaid Private services

This is available  on all private services and appointments, please make your appointment by logging in and clicking on private services to access these appointments.Please note that the 5% discount is only available if the appointments are paid for at the time of booking.

Casualty Referrals:

This is a new service we have introduced.  This service is only available for people who have an injury/problem that they feel they need to go to casualty for an xray or review. This service allows patients to access casualty earlier in the day and hopefully avoid excessive waits in casualty. If you wish to access this service, please go to private services and click on casualty referrals. This service is available Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday mornings .

Video Consultations:

We are please to introduce this services which is available to all patients. This services is available under our private services option.
If you wish to access this service, when making an appointment please indicate in our 'notes to staff section ',what time you wish to be contacted.
Please note that if your doctor feels you need to be seen after your video consultation,then the cost of the video consultation will be deducted from the visit cost .

If you are a patient of our practice please login to access this this service, if you are not registered for patient login please access  this service by clicking on private appointments.
Services on offer include driving medical reports/men's health appointments etc. To see a full list of services offered, please go to the Private Services page on our website.
This service is operated through Paypal and payments can be made via Palpal account/credit card or debit card.
If appointments are cancelled 1 day prior to appointment date full refunds are issued. Appointments can be cancelled by logging into you account and cancelling the appointment or by phoning our practice on 07493 74644.If you need to cancel your appointment less 
than one day before your appointment please contact the surgery directly 
Request Nurse or Doctor call back:
This service is now available ,if you wish to request phone call from a nurse or doctor in our practice. This service can be accessed by clicking on private services/private appointments and then choosing a call back from a nurse or a doctor. You will then have a choice as to which nurse or doctor you wish to speak to . The fee to access this service is €15 for a nurse call back and €30 for a doctor call back.

Text Alerts:
If you make an appointment more than 2 days before your appointment date ,you will receive a free text alert detailing your appointment time and with whom your appointment is booked. Please ensure that your contact details are correct at the time of booking an appointment( mobile number and email address).

Please ensure that your email address is up to date. We send email notifications on appointments that have been booked. In addition we will sometime send emails requesting people to contact our surgery in relation to requests received( appointments and prescription requests).

Private prescription requests:
If you wish to have a private prescription sent to a local chemist/pharmacy, please note that we can only do this if the prescription has been paid for in advance ( can be done by clicking on the submit and pay button when ordering your prescription). 

to proceed to patient login please click on below link