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Family Planning Service

At Millbrae Surgery you can discuss contraceptive issues with any of the doctors or nurses in confidence. Information regarding different forms of contraception is available and you can decide what is suitable for you. You can attend for advice alone, with a partner or family member or even a friend if you feel more comfortable. Apart from discussing different methods of contraceptive that are available, you can also ask about Sexually Transmitted diseases, relationship queries or any other issues you might have.

Methods of contraception available include:

Oral Contraceptive Pill
Mini Pill
Contraceptive Patch
Contraceptive vaginal ring
Depot injection
Contraceptive Implant
Contraceptive Coils
Information leaflets are available to help you decide which method you might choose.

Certain methods require referral outside the surgery for insertion i.e. Contraceptive coils and the Diaphragm. If you decide on one of these methods, the doctors or nurses will organise your prescription and referral and will advise you how to go about having the procedure performed. Some forward planning is required as appointments must be made at a specific time of your cycle and at a mutually convenient time for you and the GP performing the procedure.
The most common coil of these is the Mirena coil. It is most suitable for women who have finished their families or who wish to space their children, having had a child or children already.
The Mirena coil is designed to give contraceptive cover for 5 years.

The Implanon or rod device is suitable for people who require medium to long term contraception and it is designed to give cover for 3years. It is suitable both for women who have had children before and for those who have not. It is inserted under local anaesthetic and again you must be referred for this in advance and have a pre arranged 20min appointment organised to have this procedure done. Your doctor or nurse can arrange a referral and prescription for you.