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Maternity Care

Pregnancy is a time of enormous change in the life of a mother and her family.When you are pregnant, you can avail of our free maternity service at Millbrae Surgery. This service, known as the mother and infant care scheme, provides a programme of care to an expectant mother and newborn baby until six weeks after birth.
This programme of care involves attending Margaret, our midwife, here at our surgery,going to Carndonagh Hospital for consultant care and ultrasound scans, leading to delivery of baby at Letterkenny Hospital. It also involves visits by public health nurses at home( after the birth of your child).It concludes with a six week examination of both mother and baby with Margaret in the surgery.

If you discover that you are pregnant, simply make an appointment with Margaret who will provide you with important details of you antenatal visits and future care.

First visit
This appointment normally takes 20 minutes.To help us arrange this, please let our receptionist know that this is a first visit or booking appointment.This allows us to give enough time for this appointment.

At your first visit, you can expect questions about your health,previous pregnancies and family history. You will be offered blood and urine testing and a  number of other checks. All of this information will help to compile a record of you and your pregnancy,so that any special risks can be identified and appropriate support provided. This information is recorded in the ''pink folder'' which is actually patient help notes. Most women, in the Inishowen area, will receive and carry their own notes.These notes contain hand written records of all your care and you will be instructed to bring with you to all clinic and hospital appointments.