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If you suffer from any long-term Illness or condition , there are some schemes available in the management of these conditions.

Diabetic Clinic:
We have a Diabetic clinic at our surgery. Under the government scheme Patients with Medical cards and doctor visit cards are eligible to 2  free visits per year to our diabetic clinic.
This clinic is also available to private patients at a cost of €45 per visit.
This service is provided by Nurse Roisin. If you wish to make an appointment for this clinic please contact our surgery.

Asthma Clinic:
This free service is available to all children under 6 years of age who have a diagnosis of asthma. This service is provided by nurse Colleen.

Other long-term illness
If you suffer any long-term illness such as high blood pressure /heart disease/thyroid disease  etc. It is very important to get check ups at least once per year. Unfortunately these check ups are not covered by the doctor visit card or medical card scheme. 
We do offer a longterm Illness clinic at Millbrae Surgery. If you wish to avail of this please contact our surgery and make an appointment with one of our Doctors. The fee for this clinic is €40 . This clinic can also be booked through our online appointments under private services.

Cross border treatment scheme
If you are waiting for an appointment/procedure or operation in the Irish health service, then you may be eligible to go abroad for this under this scheme. This scheme is available to private patients, patients with medical cards and patients with doctor visit cards. If you would like further information on this scheme,please go to our cross border treatment page.

Long-Term Illness Scheme:
This scheme is available to all patients( medical card/ Doctor Visit card and private patients. Under this scheme medications and some medical appliances are paid for by the HSE ( no prescription charges or fees for medications). This scheme is available for certain medical conditions and covers most longterm medications/tablets for people . It's a good idea to ask your pharmacist or chemist to see if any of the tablets you are on, if they are available through this scheme.
Conditions covered by this scheme:
Parkinsons disease
Intellectual disability
cerebral palsy
muscular dystrophy
multiple sclerosis
cystic fibrosis
acute leukaemia
spina bifida
mental illiness (for patients under 16yrs)
thalidomide( for conditions arising from the use of this drug).

The medications available under this scheme will include tablets for the condition and other tablets( for people with diabetes , under the scheme they can get their tablets for diabetes and also tablets for cholesterol, warfarin, test strips, aspirin etc).

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, you can see what medications are covered by the scheme by following the following link ......medications .

if you wish to apply for this scheme, you can get an application form from:

local health office

Citizen information centre( at the council offices, Carndonagh).

Download form 

Once you have completed the form drop it into us for completion before sending it off.